Thursday, November 25, 2010

How I Ruined the Internet for EVERYBODY (or: The purpose for this site)

I've been on the internet since 1995.  I've enjoyed it.  But now I've ruined it.

For everybody.

Sorry, everybody.

Here's the background:  In October of 2010, I made my first professional fiction sale.  "Two Dwarves and Eight Chained Orang-Outangs" will be published in Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine, probably in 2011.  I was elated; it had been a long time coming.

Then, my (very) short story "The Hayes Stack" was published online by Every Day Fiction.  That was also gratifying.  In fact, one of the most fun things was the back-and-forth with people leaving comments.  These were informed, interested people who had either liked or disliked the story, but cared enough to talk about it.  It was a blast.

Then I realized something: I wanted those who liked "The Hayes Stack" to know that "Two Dwarves and Eight Chained Orang-Outangs" was coming up in a separate venue. 

And that is how I came to ruin the internet.

I made a selfish decision (selfish! selfish! selfish!) to establish this blog for that purpose.  I wanted there to be a central watering hole (a "site" you might call it) where my fans could find out about other works by The Clinester.

And since I did not want just a list of present and future publication credits, I realized that I would have to do the occasional post: reviewing books I had read, commenting on popular culture, and so forth.

And so, I have set a terrible precedent.  The internet B.C. (Before Cline) was about grandparents sharing cute photos of their beloved grandchildren, about scientists collaborating over long distances, about people finding life-saving medical information, oh gosh, all manner of wonderful things.

What is the consequence of my folly?  From now on, the internet is going to be about:

  • Self-Promotion
  • Self-Absorption
  • Commercialism

I am truly sorry.

If it's any consolation, I have held back on my other two plans, to (1) spread gossip about celebrities and (2) post photographs of nude people.  So at least you won't encounter any of that online. 


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  1. Really, thousands before you have sold themselves through the internet. Rest assured you have not broken any new ground.

    This comment can be taken as a reassurance, or an insult. Whichever way you may prefer, lol.

    Though a little bit more background information about the writer would be appreciated.

    - another Generation-Xer.