Saturday, December 31, 2011

"Two Dwarves and Eight Chained Ourang-Outangs" is Now Available (and Kinda Sorta Always Has Been)

To my faithful readers (by which I mean Mom, some guy or gal in Germany, and someone else in Australia, and maybe someone else in Russia, but I think my site was accidentally linked to some sex site in Russian, which accounts for hits from there):

My debut professionally-published story, "Two Dwarves and Eight Chained Ourang-Outangs" is available for purchase electronically.  Yea!

I'm not sure which of the "Nine Deadly Ports of Call" my story was.

But I think it has been for a while.

As a 21st century netrepreneur, I'm still feeling my way.

The June 2011 issue of Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine, in which the story appears, is available at  The site is owned by Barnes & Noble, so you can certainly get the issue for their Nook reader.  But it is also, according to the site, in these formats as well:

eReader (PDB)
ePub (EPUB)
Rocket/REB1100 (RB)
Portable Document Format (PDF)
Portable Document Format - Large Print (PDF)
Palm Doc (PDB)
Microsoft Reader (LIT)
Franklin eBookMan (FUB)
hiebook (KML) [1.4 MB]
Sony Reader (LRF)
iSilo (PDB)
Mobipocket (PRC)
Kindle Compatible (MOBI)
OEBFF Format (IMP)

Just looking at all these formats make-ah my head-ah hurt.

I'm an author whose story is being sold in these formats.  (To be clear, you're getting that entire issue of the magazine, which includes my story.)  Yet I don't know what they are!

My only scraps of knowledge are these:

EPUB: It's my understanding that the people in the industry are sorta trying to coalesce around it as a universal format.

Kindle Compatible (MOBI):  I have a Kindle, but what do you have to do after you buy it to get it onto the device?  I dunno.

Portable Document Format (PDF) and Portable Document Format - Large Print (PDF):  Okay, this makes sense.  PDFs keep the formatting exactly as the author lays it out because the text is fixed on the page.  So if someone needs larger letters, they've got to get something that was saved in larger font to begin with.

Sony reader: I've heard of it. Er, at least I've heard of Sony.

Palm Doc (PDB).  Whaaaaa??  Are the Palm people even still in business anymore?  I mean, seriously, isn't this like Atari, or Studebaker automobiles?
After that, we get into some weedy territory.  HiebookiSilo?  Some of these things sound like the fake brand names that they use on t.v. murder mysteries, where the writers can't use real corporate products, else they'd be sued: 

"Chief, the victim was an executive at iSilo.  They're coming out with the new Hiebook.  He was hit over the head with a bottle of Bundmeiser beer.  Then he was shot at close range with a Schmidt & Weston revolver.  There's a rumor he was just about to post a video exposing corporate misdeeds on YooTabe."

Believe me, I love the fact that my story now has an infinite shelf life.  But I'm telling you honestly, I'm not sure how to reach some of these shelves!

I could have included the link to (here it is again!) when I wrote my original post about the story, but I simply didn't know it existed.

I would be very interested in anyone's comments about how they shop, and read, using these devices.  I have my own experiences with the Kindle, which have been good.  But going forward, I want to be able to provide you, my readers (Mom, person in Germany, other person in Australia, either-person-or-accidental-clicks-from-sex-site-in-Russia) with good stories that will be visible on the reading device of your choice.

Comments are open.

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