Wednesday, July 4, 2012

NATIVE, son!

This week, my story "Native" was published online in the inaugural issue of James Gunn's Ad Astra.  It was an honor, for a number of reasons.

First off, it was my first sale to a mainly science fiction publication.  (I have been published by Every Day Fiction, the excellent flash fiction site that does a good bit of science fiction, but they are not strictly within that genre).

Second, I got to be associated with a publication that has the imprimatur of James Gunn.  I'm from the greater Kansas City, Missouri, area, and Gunn is considered a local boy made good.  He's a writer, editor, and scholar of science fiction based at the University of Kansas, who has done much to prove to the academic world that the field is worthy of scholarly study.

Third, it is my first published story to be illustrated.  Follow this link to the story to see the full text and the illustration.

Cough, ahem.


Sorry, something stuck in my throat.

Ahem, hem, cough, cough--

--The illustration gives away one of the plot points!!!!

Actually, I'm in good company.  When I was a kid, one of the first SF books I read was Lucky Starr and the Moons of Jupiter by Isaac Asimov.  The cover illustration of the edition I read gave away the major mystery in the book.  Heroic David "Lucky" Starr is searching for an evil robot hidden among some colonists.  Guess who it is?  (There's only one dog in the novel).

But I'm just vamping.  I was thrilled to see the illustration.  And it's a very, very early plot point that is revealed (for "Native," not Lucky Starr and the Book That Was Nothing But A Paycheck for Isaac Asimov, that is.)

Although Mr. Gunn has lent his gravitas to the project, it is being run by several dedicated scholars based at KU.  My thanks to Fiction Editor Douglas McKinney and Issue Editor Isaac Bell and the other various volunteers.  Although I provided a link directly to my own story, I urge you to enjoy some great, free SF stories and non-fiction articles that are available in the entire issue.

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