Saturday, December 8, 2012

Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine -- My Second Appearance


Now I know how new fathers of triplets felt in the days before ultrasounds took the surprise out of everything.

One came out.  You were expecting that.  ("Moonbubble," Stupefying Stories, December 2012)

A second one, just after the first?  Oh, okay.  Amazing.  Precious little gift from God and all of that.  ("The Last Listener,", December 2012).

A third?  Oh crap.  ("One of Those Plans-the-Perfect-Crime-but-Then-Something-Goes-Teddibly-Teddibly-Wrong Stories," Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine, the February 2013 issue, which is not yet on the newsstands, but whose sample copies arrived in my mailbox on December 8, 2012).

I had long since sold "Moonbubble" and "One of Those Plans...." to the respective magazines.  But due to a miscommunication ( had planned to buy and publish "The Last Listener" but I only understood it to be that it was still under consideration), the final contract with was only signed (electronically) a month before publication online.

I had been told ahead of time that "Moonbubble" would be in the Stupefying Stories out in December.  I learned of "The Last Listener" a month ahead of time, and I learned of the exact publication date of "One of those Plans..." when I opened my mailbox.  (When the issue officially goes on sale, I'll post online links to it).

Don't get me wrong.  I did a fist pump right out there on the street (thank God it was a lazy Saturday afternoon).  I did a mild Howard-Dean-scream: "Yeahhh!"

But still, right now, it's like I'm sitting in the hospital waiting room.  I've got my collar open and I'm running my hands through my hair, trying to figure out how I'm gonna pay for their college.

Other fathers are offering me cigars.

And I don't even smoke.


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