Friday, July 12, 2013

Hurry! "Writers of the Future" for Amazon's Kindle is only $2.99.

Folks, if you've been following my blog, have a Kindle, and want to read my story "Gonna Reach Out and Grab Ya," there's only one thing you can possibly do.  Go on over to Amazon and get the Writers of the Future volume 29 anthology, on sale today only for $2.99 (a $4 savings on Kindle)

I have a black and white kindle myself, but I understand that if you have a Kindle Fire with color screen, the illustrations for each story are in color as well.

This book got a starred review from Publishers Weekly.  (A 'starred review' means they highly recommend it).  It is only the second volume in the 29-year history of the contest to receive this honor.

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