Tuesday, September 24, 2013

My New Mystery Story is Free Online

"The woman who fired me has a lovely daughter."


 Sometimes, first lines just come to you. When I wrote that down, I knew I had a menacing story to go with it.


The full text of my story, "Follow Us on Facebook and Twitter," is now available to roll out the premiere issue of The Malfeasance Occasional.

 The Malfeasance Occasional (The M.O.): Girl Trouble Issue

I'm excited about the venue for this. The Malfeasance Occasional is an e-book put out by the mystery web site Criminal Element, which is a venture of Macmillan publishers. They get a lot of traffic, so I'm hoping to get a whole new audience.


 My story was chosen to be the online enticement ahead of the publication of the entire issue (perhaps because the very title lends itself to viral marketing!)


Although my story is free, the e-book itself is a steal at a mere $3.99 for tales by fourteen authors, who have between them decades of experience and publication credits.  You're in the hands of the pros here.  It is available on Amazon Kindle and for the Nook.  If you use another e-book reader, this link from Macmillan should help you find your preferred seller.


My thanks to The Malfeasance Occasional Editor Clare Toohey for all of her work on this project. 


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