Saturday, June 21, 2014

My new story "Silent Stakeout" published in Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine

I am happy to say that my latest published story, "Silent Stakeout," is available in the September 2014 issue of Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine (out on the newsstands this month, and now available to purchase online as well).

The story has a full-page illustration by Linda Weatherly.  She did a great job.  (She is on Facebook at You can see the illustration, as well as the first half of the story, at this link:

I have appeared twice in its sister publication, Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine, but this is my first appearance in AHMM.

This is what the cover looks like:

AHMM June 2014

If anyone would like to get it on Kindle, it looks like it's available with a single click on Amazon, although I believe you have to select for a single issue rather than a subscription:


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