About this Blog ... and Me


. . . lists my own fiction writing (see the hopefully-ever-lengthening list of story credits on the right margin of the main page).  But I'm not going to self-publish any fiction here. 

My posts are non-fiction observations, mostly on books, movies, and the arts.  I hope you will enjoy them.

ME . . .

Personally, I'm not too big on reading something because the author has an interesting biography. (Google “Jack Henry Abbott” if you want to see the absurdity of publishing something based on the author's life story -- or his connections.) I think knowing that T. S. Eliot was a bank executive does little to help one appreciate “J. Alfred Prufrock.”

But there is a special kind of intimacy in reading other people's work. I was in a writing group for a few years in which the group members became my close friends. I later realized that if I added up the hours we saw each other (four hours or so a month for three years, and we skipped some months), that it totaled less than 150 hours.

So, since we're already such good friends ...

I am Generation X-er in a Generation Y world. Pity me. I hear Phil Collins and The Bangles being piped into my supermarket, and realize that it's meant as a Golden Oldies soundtrack.

I write mainly genre stuff: science fiction, mystery, horror, some fantasy. I love humor (see a pitiful attempt in the caption below), but there are very few places to send light humor these days. 

I've always enjoyed "giving back" to the writing community.  Here, in St. Louis in 1996, I share my wisdom with some kid named Ray Bradbury while another fan of mine, Ray Harryhausen, eagerly listens in.  Note also the dark-haired poodle which apparently curled up on top of my head and went to sleep.